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GzOS : Microkernel-Based Trusted OS

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Run dual system on QEMU

Run CI test

Contributing Patches to GzOS

For now, GzOS project is in very early development stage and is still not ready for accepting patches regarding new features or major changes from new contributors.

If you would like to report issue to us, please open new issue on corresponding git project via OTG Github, thank you.

NOTE: The code in OTG Github is READ-ONLY, please do not submit pull request to OTG Github

Contact Us

If you are interested in our project and would like to talk to us, please mail to opentrust.tw@gmail.com

About Open Trust Group

This is a nonprofit organization, founded in Jan 1st 2018, which focuses on open source trusted OS development.

Our goal is to provide software that is suitable for being incorporated in commercial products or even can directly be a commercial product with slightly modification. To achieve the goal, the software should meet the following requirements:

Our software is not for competing with the commercial products. Instead, we hope our software can help to improve the software quality and the software development process of the commercial products.

Improving software development process means that we can also improve the product's quality and can work smarter than before. Thus, we will have more time to do other important things, for example, to develop professional skills, to read favorite books and the most important is to have dinner with your family.